About me

My knowledge

I have a depth of knowledge that has been built up over 20 years in industry, most of which has been in management and senior management.

My experience has given a broad range of skills which I use day to day to help my clients. Transcend Coaching’s goal is to use those skills to help you. I offer business consultancy in the West Midlands and Personal Coaching across Wolverhampton, Birmingham and the Black Country. I also offer my services online!

What I stand for

Transcend Coaching stands for leadership, success, true happiness, massive achievement, continuous progression, whole life balance, sustainable relationships and deep spirituality.

I hold these values dear and encourage those that I work with to do so also. Transcend Coaching’s key values are: freedom, family, success, impact and creativity. My aim is to meet these values in everything that I do. A significant amount of my time working with clients is centred around the topic of values and ensuring alignment.

My mission

My big mission and my hope for others is to, ‘leave the world knowing I and those I work with have achieved all they could and to have made a difference.’

Who do I serve?

Fundamentally those who stuck and searching for the ‘next right move’, those who don’t even realise they could have more and finally those who are already successful but are looking for their next level of greatness. Transcend Coaching is here to help YOU.
Whether you are a new business looking for a business consultant to help you get on your feet, an established company seeking the path to growth, or someone to hit a personal target like losing weight Transcend Coaching is here to help with business coaching and personal coaching.

Who I can help with personal and business coaching in the UK

About me

I have a depth of knowledge that has been built up over 20 years in industry, most of which has been in management and for the last 10 years senior management.

Years in Industry

Years in Senior Management

Years Coaching

Free Consultation

It isn’t easy to pick a coach. You have to be sure that the person is the right fit for you, that you both have a common understanding and you can trust them.

Why not test the water with a 30-minute free coaching consultation. You can speak to me over the phone or via video call, arranged at a time to suit you. We can discuss your reasons for wanting a coach, what your expectations are, and most importantly, I can learn about you.

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