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Free Initial Consultation

If you want to transform your future, you just need to spare thirty minutes to talk to me. The initial conversation is completely free and will give you more of an idea about Transcend Coaching, how I work, and most importantly, whether my personal coaching or business consultancy is right for you.


What Transcend Coaching plan is best for you?

I offer three plans to meet the differing needs of my current customers.

Some of my clients enjoy a group session, where they get to meet likeminded individuals. This is a great way to meet other businesses and people who can also be a future support for you while you grow.

Other clients prefer one-on-one sessions where we can focus purely on their needs. I dedicate my time to all of my clients which is why I have had such positive feedback. Read my testimonials here.

I offer monthly Transcend Coaching plans so you can work towards weekly goals and we can ensure you meet your ambitions. This is the most common option chosen by my clients.

Finally, I run experience days online for a limited number of people throughout the year. These are courses that take place over one day, usually between 9 – 5pm on a weekday. I provide you with content and work to prepare for your course date. We run through a variety of methods and regularly interact to ensure everyone is getting value for money.

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Three plans to suit all

Group Coaching


60 minute / weekly sessions for 4 weeks

A group of likeminded individuals working to a common solution.

Video call
Telephone call
1 Hour long sessions weekly

Monthly Plans


4 1 hour sessions for 4 weeks

Regular meets one-on-one so we can focus on your individual needs and goals. The most popular plan.

Video call
Telephone call
Email support
1 Hour long one-to-one sessions weekly

Experience Days


Per day course

Online day course aimed to provide you with everything you need to attain your goals.

Video call
Telephone call
Email support
8 Hour day course

Pat L.

“Matthew and I did a huge amount of work around my goals, what was really different was the focus on all areas of my life which unlike alot of coaches out there normally concentrates on one area. I’ve had some real breakthroughs and I am pleased to say that these are not just business driven but also in other important areas of my life.”

Duncan R.

“My business was growing and I needed support, Matthew has been there to give it and in spades. As a new business with the added responsibility for myself of employing staff Matthew has provided a comforting sounding board for the various items that come up with a venture such as this. With the presence of someone with the calm and pleasant demeanor always on hand it has meant I have leapfrogged in terms of experience and the development of the business during our sessions. My only wish is that I could employ Matthew full time within the business to make the presence permanent.”

M. Buckle

“Having recently been stuck in a position that I wasn’t happy with I decided to work with Matthew to help me move to my next level. I am pleased to say that right from the first session our time together brought greater clarity and purpose, I knew what my next steps were going to be. Within a very short space of time not only did I know my next steps but I had taken them and now I am very pleased to say that I have moved to my next level, or to put it in words that reflect Matthew’s coaching, ‘I have transcended” 😉 This has been a huge step for me but now my challenge is to apply the principles in other areas of my life and I am looking forward to my continued work with Matthew.”

Ben L.

“Matthew helped me broaden my knowledge of sales overall but more importantly helped create the confidence to go out and apply what I was learning. His method was challenging but gentle and held me accountable every step of the way. Lasting change and development probably best describes the feeling of our coaching and this will only continue.”

Free Consultation

It isn’t easy to pick a coach. You have to be sure that the person is the right fit for you, that you both have a common understanding and you can trust them. Why not test the water with a 30-minute free coaching consultation. You can speak to me over the phone or via video call, arranged at a time to suit you. We can discuss your reasons for wanting a coach, what your expectations are, and finally, I can learn about you.

Free consultation for life coaching
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