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Transcend Coaching – right for some

Transcend Coaching has no barriers to support! At Transcend Coaching I am keen to support anyone who is seeking to improve themselves, to build a new business or reach new heights with their existing company.

I am a successful person and I have worked hard to get to where I am so I know what the feeling of success is like and I also know of the hard work to achieve it. I established Transcend Coaching so that I could provide excellent personal coaching and business consultancy so you too could experience that feeling of success.

I tend to work with people who likewise have experienced a certain level of success but who are now looking to move to the next level but I am happy to help ANYBODY who is need of support across Wolverhampton, Birmingham, the Black Country and the West Midlands.

Making that move to the next level is where I come in. I have moved between levels throughout my life and apply this philosophy when working with my clients.

With my business management experience I have experienced many different situations ranging from professional to personal. I understood very early on that it is impossible to separate the two while at work.

My working style was to be inclusive and address issues holistically. In many cases and situations I was coaching whether that was formally or informally.

My Skills To you

Professionally my areas of expertise have been sales, HR, finance, operations and everything in between. Personally I have helped people with everything from small personal issues right the way through to bereavement, terminal illness and child separation.

Now I come equipped with having had these experiences and the confidence of knowing I have helped people involved in these circumstances, my goal now is to expand my reach and help people in a formal setting.

Who I can help with personal and business coaching in the UK
Everyone has success in them. Our work together will expose things further and create more and ever greater levels of achievement and success.

Free Consultation

It isn’t easy to pick a coach. You have to be sure that the person is the right fit for you, that you both have a common understanding and you can trust them. Why not test the water with a 30-minute free coaching consultation. You can speak to me over the phone or via video call, arranged at a time to suit you. We can discuss your reasons for wanting a coach, what your expectations are, and finally, I can learn about you.

Free consultation for life coaching
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