What is Business Management Consulting?

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30 Apr, 2021

You may have heard the term a few time but never really thought about it. Or maybe it’s the specific term that’s brought you to Transcend Coaching today and you’ve got a basic idea, but you’d like to know more. This post is going to discuss what Business Management Consulting actually is, what’s involved and how it could help you and your business!

Okay, the first aspect of business management consulting to look at is the consulting part. Consulting is the business of giving professional guidance and advice to other professionals or non-professionals. You’ve probably heard of all sorts of consultants, perhaps you’ve heard of efficiency consultants or financial consultants. The term is used in hospitals to indicate the upper tier levels of medical professionals.

business management consulting helping a team

So, a business management consultant is someone who is going to provide you or your business with their professional advice. There is no dictation on what constitutes someone declaring themselves professional enough to refer to themselves as a consultant. In the case of Transcend Coaching, we’d say an MBA and 2 decades of business experience – most of it at Directorial level – for companies grown to the millions in annual turnover is more than enough qualification to consult and I’m sure you agree.

Transcend Coaching is far more advanced than the traditional small business management consulting business. I prefer a coaching approach to the old didactic approach. If Transcend Coaching simply tells you the answers or what to do, how will that help your business to develop?

Rather than simply dictating to you what to do, at Transcend Coaching I believe in the discussion based coaching approach. Coaching is a two-way street, and instead of simply telling, it means that we come to solutions together. Obviously, I use my knowledge and experience to guide our discussions, but you are very much part of the process.

What Does a Business Management Consultant Do?

As you would quite rightly imagine, a business management consultant offers guidance and advice on the management and running of your business. Through their expertise and knowledge, the consultant will help to guide a business to new developments and to achieving their goals.

A business management consultant can help you and your business with developing strategy and organisational matters. These areas of support can vary quite widely depending on the size of the business. Employee matters, budget development and cost reduction are common goals worked on.

At Transcend Coaching, I support businesses across the West Midlands with goals such as these and more! I have helped small business to develop their employment and employee retention strategies and I have coached large companies with their development and implementation of efficiency processes. Providing business management consulting services to business in Birmingham and Wolverhampton often presents varied and unique challenges.

What does a business management consulting involve?

In the case of Transcend Coaching, being a management consultant for businesses in the West Midlands means being a Swiss army knife of solutions!

The beginning of any consulting project together is about building a good understanding of each other. Transcend Coaching is a real two-way street, a 200% percent relationship in that both sides will need to be totally invested. This begins with getting to know each other.

Who I work with-personal and business management consulting UK

This opening stage may include examination of the data around the business, deep diving into the facts and figures before really starting a conversation so the consultant is able to create their own picture of the business as an outsider.

Then it’s all about getting into the business itself. Meeting employees. Visiting premises. Where possible going out on round with delivery drivers. Physically watching how the business actually runs. Interestingly, the day of the consultant on site can be longer than the client’s! It can involve being on site before you arrive and leaving after you’ve finished for the day. A major part of this element of the coaching process is taking to the time to listen and understand all elements of the equation.

Moving on

Once a clear picture of your business is built, the next step is to begin the actual consulting and coaching. Typically, this involves the consultant simply sitting with leadership and laying out plan to development. It can be quite a one-sided process traditionally. As mentioned, this process is supposedly about imparting knowledge. Telling you what is needed to be done and helping to make plans.

However, at Transcend Coaching the process focuses on a true learning journey through coaching. The coaching process in business management consulting relies on discussion. The business owner can attempt to identify where issues may be and attempt to explain why they exist. With consultant guidance, we attempt to root out the true nature of any issues and I guide to but do not tell you the answers of how to handle the.

The efforts are not merely a one time stop-gap. Business management consulting and coaching is an ongoing process which grows and evolves with you and your business. As you tackle challenges, your consultant works with you to prepare for new goals and targets.

Transcend Coaching is a small business consultant and life-coach offering business management coaching and personal coaching. We primarily serve businesses and individuals in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Walsall, Dudley and the West Midlands but we can help nationwide. Whatever your needs – whether you are attempting to hit sales targets, achieve personal goals or start-up your own business Transcend Coaching is here to help you. Get in touch today for a free consultation!

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