Top five products to help you with your fitness goals

Weight lifting and fitness goals
25 May, 2021

Some of Transcend Coaching’s most common personal coaching requests are for help with fitness goals. Hitting fitness goals can be one of the most difficult personal targets to hit. There are so many opportunities for failure and hurdles we must overcome as we strive to reach our aims. However, along the way there are all sorts of extra tools and bits of kit we can utilise to support us in our cause. These are the top five products to help you with your fitness goals.

JaxJox Dumbbells

Going to the gym is great! I’ve always loved a good workout the problem is though, the physical act of taking yourself to the gym can be a hurdle to achieving fitness goals in and of itself. Getting yourself a good set of dumbbells, probably the most diverse and adaptable of all training equipment, is a massive step to hitting your personal fitness goals!

Getting these JaxJox dumbbells is an amazing step in the right direction. There’s no fiddly changing of plates required, no huge stands of separate fixed weight dumbbells and no losing pieces! The dumbbells rest in their own carriages and you choose the weight with the press of a button.

Not only that, there’s actually an app that links to the dumbbells to track your workouts AND provide you videos and workouts.

What’s not to love? There’s a reason they’re the first option on my top five products to help you with your fitness goals.

Powerhouse Fitness Equipment

Picking up equipment to help you with your personal fitness goals? The hot ticket retailer at the moment is Powerhouse Fitness. They offer a truly extensive range of equipment to meet tonnes of personal goals and support you with all sorts of sports. They also offer equipment from a good range of companies so there is plenty of choice.

Not just that, they are well priced, responsive and deliver on time. As far as online retailers are concerned, those are absolute winning qualities! They actually started in the UK 35 years ago and now span 66 countries. David Webster OBE, the company founder, is something of a weightlifting, strength games and highland games historian and has written 40 books on the subject!

They also have a permanent ‘Sales’ page which features ex-display, packages and warehouse clearance products so there is always the chance of an absolute stone-cold bargain for those who re-visit regularly.

Skins Compression

You will more than likely have seen compression clothing of some form or another. If you’ve seen a premier league footballer whip off their shirt in celebration of a goal, or perhaps seen the training exhibition videos of UFC fighters like Connor MacGregor then you will have seen compression kit.

Compression garments are designed to increase the blood flow and lymphatic flow to areas of the body. They began their rise to popularity with distance and endurance athletes but nowadays even The Rock has his own line of compression kit with Under Armour. Studies do show that this sort of clothing is linked to reduced lactate levels (meaning significantly better recovery or greater endurance), more effective warm-up and noticeably increased blood oxygen levels.

Skins’ Partners

Beyond that science, there are secondary benefits like moisture wicking (meaning that these types of clothes absorb sweat more effectively and keep it absorbed) and the actual constricted feel of them is reassuring and supportive during workouts.

Companies like Nike and Under Armour have excellent ranges of compression kit but for me the real star is Skins. They are actually PETA registered Vegan and benefit from being linked to a variety of scientific studies into the benefits of compression clothing. These aren’t just bandwagon jumpers, this ai company truly at the forefront of compression tech. And they offer a range to suit all levels. Skins Compression kit definitely deserves a place on the top five products to help you with your fitness goals.

Epsom Salts

Number 4 of the top five products to help you with your fitness goals is about that all important recovery.

You’re working hard towards your fitness goals. Perhaps you’re training daily. You’re pushing your body harder than you have ever pushed before. And now? Now it just hurts! No one told you it would ache this much! And then there are the occasional sprains and pulls.

Now there are tonnes of suggestions to help with post workout aches. Jumping in the sauna and doing a hot cold cycle is a good idea. Deep heat works too. There are massage guns, rollers, physios, NSAIDs. The list is really rather long.

One tremendous way of easing your bod is getting into a bath. A warm bath helps to increase blood circulation, this gets much needed oxygenated blood to the aching and tired muscles which helps to speed up healing of the microtears that are causing the muscle growth but also the muscular pain. And you can make a recovery bath even better with the inclusion of Epsom Salts.

Epsom salts, or Magnesium Sulfate, is found in granulated form and you add it to warm running water. The granules dissolve and the compound breaks down into magnesium and sulfate. The sulfate is supposed to help with detoxing (that one is a bit of a mystery) but the magnesium is linked with muscle recovery.

Look, there’s not a lot of scientific research completed around Epsom Salts, but they are incredibly cheap and trust me a brilliantly warm bath with them dissolved in feels tremendous after a solid workout.


We live in a world of protein powders, branch-chain amino acid powders, pre-workouts, post-workouts, whey supplements, green tea supplements, protein bars and more. And it all gets so confusing. They are so many brands and products it becomes a bit dizzying. I mean, have you ever stepped into a Holland and Barrett in search of a protein powder? Who knows where to begin.

Well, I do actually! Bulk is the absolute brand of choice.

Whatever products you’re looking for, Bulk are definitely the go to. The powders mix excellently. The flavours are fantastic. Heck, they even offer a service where they can test your DNA and provide you with an optimal diet catered for you!

So there you go, the top five products to help you with your fitness goals.

Transcend Coaching is a small business consultant and life-coach offering business management coaching and personal coaching. We primarily serve businesses and individuals in Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Walsall, Dudley and the West Midlands but we can help nationwide. Whatever your needs – whether you are attempting to hit sales targets, achieve personal goals or start-up your own business Transcend Coaching is here to help you. Get in touch today for a free consultation!

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